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5 GB Storage
Free 10 Emails
500k+ Daily Visitors

Functionality for all

The Basic Web Service Package

The goal is to cater to users who may not require advanced functionalities but still want a reliable and functional website.


Affordable web services cater to individuals and businesses, ensuring online presence.


Intuitive, easy-to-use interface for a seamless and pleasant experience.

Essential Features

For User-friendly design, secure, responsive, and customer support for efficiency.

24/7 Full Support

Continuous support ensures swift assistance, improving user experience with prompt issue resolution.

For Basic Package

Discover Luxury in Our Web Services

Custom domain

A custom domain serves as the web address or URL associated with your website, distinguishing it from generic and often lengthy default addresses.

Basic Site Security

Free SSL Certificates secure websites, safeguarding data integrity and privacy between user browsers and servers.

Bandwith 1GB

1GB bandwidth enables efficient data transfer, ensuring seamless access and quick loading for online activities.

Storage space 5GB

5GB storage provides ample space for files, ensuring efficient organization and accessibility for diverse data.

24/7 Customer care

This ensures immediate assistance, enhancing user experience and resolving issues promptly and efficiently.

Free 10 Emails

Basic plan includes 10 emails and each having 1gb storage, facilitating communication for small businesses with simplicity and efficiency.

Video 5 minutes

Subscribe now and access a complimentary 5-minute video, adding value and entertainment to your experience.

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